About Us

Our Story

Welcome to our journey at LBB Edutainment! With over 35 years under our belt, we're not just a company; we're a movement. Born from experiences of feeling left out, we made a promise: to be the change-makers in every space we touch. From classrooms to boardrooms, we're turning the tide with heart, wisdom, and a splash of fun. Our path is paved with stories of resilience and a deep belief in creating spaces where everyone shines. Together, we're redefining leadership and championing a world where inclusion isn't just a word, but a lived experience. Join us in this exciting adventure!

Our Mission

At LBB Edutainment, our mission is simple yet powerful: to help you and your community thrive in a world where everyone feels included and valued. We believe in connecting heart-to-heart, sharing the magic of DEIB, and turning workplaces into wonderlands of diversity and understanding. Imagine a world where every voice matters, every story is celebrated, and every day is an opportunity to make a difference. That's the world we're building, one smile, one conversation, one transformative experience at a time. Let's make it happen together!

Our Values

Our values are the colors we paint our world with at LBB Edutainment:

Intentional Inclusion without harm: Like a warm hug, we embrace everyone's uniqueness without stepping on toes. We're all about bringing people together, celebrating differences, and making everyone feel right at home.

Clear and empathetic communication: We speak heart-to-heart. Our conversations are open, honest, and filled with understanding, like chatting with an old friend.

Collective collaboration for greater impact: Teamwork makes the dream work! We join hands, share ideas, and create ripples of change that turn into waves of progress.

Come, be part of our vibrant tapestry, where every thread is valued and every pattern tells a story!

Meet The Team

Lachandra - Founder and Lead Consultant

 Lachandra B. Baker, MBA, CDP, ABC, CTA-ACA (she/her), leads LBB Edutainment with a zest for crafting strategies that bolster employee engagement, communication, culture, and DEIB. 

A well-educated leader, La holds a BA in Hospitality Management and Communications, an MBA with a Marketing focus, and has advanced her expertise with two Cornell certifications in DEI.

Recognized as a forward-thinking leader, she's a Columbus’ Future50 leader, a WELD honoree, and selected for the Harvard Young American Leaders program. La's influence extends through her board roles with several Ohio organizations, where she drives change on issues from voting rights to affordable housing. 

A captivating TEDx speaker and community advocate, La cherishes cultural exploration, culinary delights, and family projects in her moments of leisure.

Brian - Creative Director

Brian Baker, AAS (he/him) is our creative director. Brian’s duties include graphic design, web design, audio engineering, podcasting, client intake, budgeting and research. He is a hardworking, lifelong learner on a mission to develop his personal and professional skills. He has a passion for the creative side of things, with a mind for business. Always loves challenging, yet rewarding opportunities to make the world a better place.

Aujie - Content Manager

Aujie Baker, AAS, BFA, (they/them) is our content manager. Aujie received their Associate’s Degree in Business Management & Entrepreneurship during their Senior year of high school through the College Credit Plus Program. Always having been passionate about the arts, Aujie is in their senior year of completing a Bachelor’s in Fine Arts for Film & Media Writing/Directing at Cleveland State University. They enjoy and are versed in all things graphic design, storytelling, communications, writing, media, and networking. Aujie hopes to be a positive force in advocating for representation and human rights throughout their career. They couldn’t be more proud of the work Lachandra and Brian are committed to doing at LBBEdutainment and they are happy to be an extension of the hard-working legacy they're creating.