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Employee disengagement costs companies nearly $400 billion a year and has detrimental effects on productivity, innovation, customer satisfaction, and bottom-line revenue.  Of the $100 billion invested back to counteract disengagement, many programs miss the mark of truly making an impact in the employee experience, especially when it comes to authentic, personal connection.


Employees need guidance and grace everyday. How leaders show up and engage with their teams sets the tone of the culture and ultimate success of the company. 


We partner with leaders and teams who want to show up authentically in their own lives while simultaneously influencing and supporting others to do the same. If you’re ready to be a part of real change, we’re ready to help!


​LBB Edutainment, LLC specializes in diversity, equity, and inclusion consulting; employee engagement; communication strategy and planning; and executive coaching. Our team has more than 30 years of successful engagements in various industries, including several Fortune 20 companies.


"The conference was a great success, and much of that was due to her diligence and determination." 

Patricia A. Frey

IABC Heritage Region Conference Co-chair

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