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Women for Economic and Leadership Development honors new class of Columbus leaders

August 21, 2021

Both the coronavirus pandemic and the racial justice uprising of 2020 are reshaping our day-to-day lives and perception of American society.

And women have been at the forefront of change in central Ohio.

Samantha Jaglowski is developing technology that allows customers to shop safely and businesses to remain open amid the health crisis.

Wendy Sherman Heckler is educating future leaders on the global challenges women face — including economic setback during the pandemic — in college classrooms.

Lachandra Baker and Lillian Morales are continuing their work fostering diversity, equity and inclusion in the corporate world.

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Engagement 101: How do you onboard a new associate?


Lachandra Baker is the director of Employee Engagement at a health care company. During the third week of COVID in March 2020, she was tasked with moving a full two-day, live employee onboarding into a virtual one– with only a week to plan.

In this interview with Ruth Milligan, hosted a week after Lachandra completed this heroic task, she discusses how they managed to be true to their culture true as 20 new associates worked to navigate their way into the business and new careers – without being in person.

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2022 WELD Columbus Women WELDing the Way

June 8, 2021

Women for Economic and Leadership Development (WELD) develops and advances women's leadership to strengthen the economic prosperity of the communities it serves. We provide women with specific tools to enhance their individual economic status, and we build programs, events and a community to support female leadership development and business growth.  WELD is a 501(c)(3) national nonprofit organization.

As we use an image of Rosie, the Riveter in our logo we pay tribute to the women who challenged the traditional perception of women's capabilities in the workplace and in society. Just as Rosie the Riveter and her colleagues broke new ground, our goal is to further the issues of economic development for women. During war time the slogan was, "The More Women at Work, the Sooner We Win." This slogan holds just as true today as it did during Rosie's time.

WELD was founded in Columbus, Ohio in 2003 as a local organization.  It has now grown into a national organization with chapters that offer a robust suite of leadership programs and events.

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Season 4 Episode 3: Interview with Lachandra Baker, SR Manager of Employee Engagement at Cover My Meds

January 19, 2021

The last year has taught us a lot about listening, connecting, leading and engaging with people during times of high-stress, isolation and remote working. The best leaders, teams and organizations seek out ways to meet people where they are and support forward progress.

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5 Ways to Increase Employee Retention

August 12, 2020

Growth opportunities are not enough. Company culture looms large in retention efforts, particularly for younger workers. Workers want to enjoy the work they do, the people they work with and believe in the company's mission, Baker said. In her company, each employee plays a role and they are recognized for their efforts.

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June 20, 2019

I am a storyteller at the very core of my soul and I gain so much energy from sharing experiences and learning about another's journey. ​​I find inspiration from being around people and hearing their stories. There is such beauty in the human condition. Both the highs and the lows of life can prove to be so inspiring and motivating. 

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Women in Health Care IT (HIT)

June 3, 2019

La was brought on as our senior manager of internal communications, and from day one has been a critical member of the team. La brings a contagious enthusiasm to CoverMyMeds and a working-knowledge of what is needed to grow a company in meaningful ways – through an "employee-first" mentality. Not to mention she does it all with a lot of heart, and a lot of laughter.

We sat down with La to find out what drew her to CoverMyMeds, and pick up some advice for other women in health care IT (HIT).

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